Video: A Stray Hero

A 55 year old former contractor dedicates his life to rescuing stray dogs and cats


This is a wonderful short documentary by Hisyam Salleh about Mohammed Azmi Ismail also known as “Pak Mie”, a former contractor from Alor Star, Kedah in Malaysia. Since 1990,  he and his wife dedicate their life to rescuing stray dogs and cats where they are considered filthy and un-Islamic.

Pak Mie is a very humble man and you can hear that in his voice, but you can also tell that he truly has a great love for animals. While it doesn’t come easy and they spend most of their savings to care for the strays, money isn’t everything. As Pak Mie says, “Although money is important, it is never important to us. No matter how much money we have, let’s say we have RM100 in hand, we would spend it on them, not on ourselves.”

To care for the strays if they don’t get sick, it takes 50kg (110 lbs) of rice  and costs RM500 daily (161.58 USD) if they don’t’ get sick. Other expenses are for transportation RM20 (6.46 USD) for fuel to pick up chicken and rice. Additionally, RM20 (6.46 USD) for a fuel generator each night for the shelter because there’s no electricity.

Pak Mie also has some suppliers donating food who were moved by his efforts. One of the suppliers that donates rice said, “Even though they are dirty, but the soul is clean.”

“The most special animal in this world are dogs, and we can’t find it in any other animal. Although people always look down on dogs, but they are close to us human.”
— Pak Mie 

Pak Mie told his son to quit his job and is training him to take over. Why? The best explanation is from Pak Mie:

….because one day we will fall sick and die. I want someone to continue our legacy so whatever we have started, will not see a dead end.

As of January 2013, they have rescued over 500 dogs and 100 cats.

To learn more about Pak Mie and his efforts, you can visit or his Facebook (managed by his son) or