Making New York Bagels By Hand In Brooklyn, 1979

If you read the post earlier about Western cultures slowly coming to terms with the possibility of having to use insects as sustenance in the future, you may need a visual palate cleanser like I did.

Watch classic New York bagels being handmade from scratch in this vintage video from the Brooklyn Public Library archives, and take comfort in the fact that most likely you will be long gone before we are made to survive on cockroaches and kale chips.

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Band Of Horses’ Ben Bridwell Has A Surprising Message For The Kids Of MyMusicRx

Well, this took me for a bit of a loop. I would have never thought that one of the most respected figures in the current indie-rock world would have a warm spot for hot-country… To each their own, I say. The good Lord knows I have me a few guilty pleasures.

I’ve written about MyMusicRx in the past and they are a great organization. For those who are unfamiliar, MyMusicRx is a foundation set up by the Children’s Cancer Association to bring music to kids suffering from long-term or serious illnesses. Not only do they get artists to play exclusive shows and send inspiring messages to these children, but they also have an interactive website that offers a few other nice amenities. So stop by their YouTube channel to check out some tunes and say hello. Also, you can head over to their website to donate or volunteer, if that’s your bag.

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National Geographic’s Photo Of The Day: Summer Pattern


From Nat Geo:

Photograph by Sven Zacek, National Geographic Your Shot

Sunbathers make a haphazard pattern on the sand at Pärnu, the so-called summer capital of Estonia. Your Shot member Sven Zacek had been thinking up ideas for a book “showing the country as our national bird, the barn swallow, sees it.” One of the motifs he hoped to capture was a summer day on the beach in Pärnu, where people come together at the height of the season. “With aerial photography, the most important thing is to get the weather right,” he says. “On a July day at around 2 p.m., when the sun was at its hottest, I hired an airplane and we circled the beach and got some nice waves from the people. After a while they stopped paying attention—and then I got the photos I wanted.”

Blowpipe Maker Shares Rare, Ancient Craft

This is a really cool excerpt from a short National Geographic documentary called Sunset Over Selungo. Filmmaker Ross Harrison profiles an indigenous Malaysian artisan who holds on to his tribe’s traditions and still creates blowpipes by hand — quite the craftsman.

From Nat Geo:

“Only a few elders of Borneo’s Penan tribe still know how to make their unique hunting tool, the blowpipe. Balan is the last person in his village who practices the craft,” says Harrison.

Source: National Geographic

Eat Bugs, Save The Planet

Consuming insects for sustenance would in no way be a new dietary addition to a lot of people and places in the world. In fact, many Asian countries have dined on bugs for as far back as we know and they are a staple in many other cultures as well.

However, not until fairly recently has ingesting insects been seriously considered by the Western world to be a legitimate food source. Simply because most of us — including myself — find it utterly repulsive.

I posted an extremely interesting TED talk with Emma Bryce a few months back where she makes some great points about consuming some creepy-crawlers. As compelling as her case may be, I’m a pretty picky eater, so I think until it’s absolutely necessary, bugs will be off of the menu for me.

This short piece by Vocative reiterates Bryce’s point of impending food shortages and adds their own perspective as well.

Source: Vocativ

The SOAO Daily Ditty: Jeff Tweedy – ‘Sunken Treasure’ (Live, Solo)

Tweedy knocks it out of the park with this solo acoustic rendition of Wilco’s “Sunken Treasure” from their classic album, Being There. “Sunken Treasure” is easily one of my top ten Wilco songs and I absolutely love how he changes the whole vibe of the tune quite significantly here.

I’ll post the original version as well, so if you’re viewing this on the homepage and want check it out, be sure to take the plunge.

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