Every Frame A Painting Explains How Chairs Play An Important Role In Film

Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting explains how chairs play an important detail in the film. Through a variety of examples, he not only shows how chairs are an “extension of the world,” but also tie in additional elements about the character. It can show whether a character is poor or wealthy, the character’s personality, or a physical representation of the character.

Zhou also points out how the right chair can add more to the scene to show the state of the character. He uses a scene from Godfather 2 where Fredo tries to sit up, but his chair won’t let him.

This is what great production design can get you, that one detail that pays off in unexpected ways. And it doesn’t have to be a chair, they’re just very common and pretty cheap. But the next time you have a scene and you ask the actors to sit, consider this: What do they sit on? And is there a way for that object to be something more?

Source: Every Frame a Painting

National Geographic’s Photo Of The Day: Model Behavior

National Geographic's Photo Of The Day: Model Behavior

From Nat Geo:

Photograph by Justin Anantawan, National Geographic Your Shot

“I was in Kingston, Jamaica, volunteering at an HIV ward at Missionaries of the Poor and trying to learn how to do fashion photography,” writes Your Shot member Justin Anantawan. Working with amateur models, Anantawan spent the day near an abandoned fort at a beach in Port Royal, capturing this shot at sunset. “The shoot was very simple—I just bought some striped fabric and chiffon from a store in downtown Kingston, wrapped it around the men, and then let the scenery and ocean breeze do the rest of the work. The man on the right held up the chiffon, and I took around ten shots before I captured the fabric at the just the perfect moment.”

NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day: Messier Craters In Stereo

NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day: Messier Craters In Stereo

From NASA:

Explanation: Many bright nebulae and star clusters in planet Earth’s sky are associated with the name of astronomer Charles Messier, from his famous 18th century catalog. His name is also given to these two large and remarkable craters on the Moon. Standouts in the dark, smooth lunar Sea of Fertility or Mare Fecunditatis, Messier (left) and Messier A have dimensions of 15 by 8 and 16 by 11 kilometers respectively. Their elongated shapes are explained by an extremely shallow-angle trajectory followed by the impactor, moving left to right, that gouged out the craters. The shallow impact also resulted in two bright rays of material extending along the surface to the right, beyond the picture. Intended to be viewed with red/blue glasses (red for the left eye), this striking stereo picture of the crater pair was recently created from high resolution scans of two images (AS11-42-6304, AS11-42-6305) taken during the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Image Credit: Apollo 11, NASA; Stereo Image by Patrick Vantuyne

The SOAO Daily Ditty: The Litter – ‘Soul Searchin”

From AllMusic:

One of Minneapolis’ most popular ’60s bands, the Litter are most well-known for their classic 1967 garage rock single “Action Woman.” With its demonic fuzz/feedback guitar riffs and cocky, snarling lead vocal, it was an archetype of the tough ’60s garage rock favored by fans of the Pebbles reissue series. In fact, the single, which got some airplay in Minnesota in early 1967 and then was largely forgotten, didn’t reach an international audience until it became cut one, Side One on Volume One of Pebbles in the late ’70s. It now has a place of honor on the Nuggets box set. The Litter were a little more successful and long-lived than the average regional garage band, recording a few albums, the last one for a major label, and evolving into a more progressive hard rock outfit before disbanding around the end of the ’60s…[read more]

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TED Talks With Cosmin Mihaiu: Physical Therapy Is Boring – Play A Game Instead

From TED Vancouver, 2015

From TED:

You’ve just been injured, and you’re on the way home from an hour of physical therapy. The last thing you want to do on your own is confusing exercises that take too long to show results. TED Fellow Cosmin Mihaiu demos a fun, cheap solution that turns boring physical therapy exercises into a video game with crystal-clear instructions.

The SOAO Daily Ditty: Discodeine – ‘Synchronize’

I just kinda stumble across this tune a few days ago, and I automatically thought it was catchy. Then the vocals kicked in I was taken a bit back thinking “This dude totally sounds like Jarvis Cocker…no way.” Well, apparently it actually is the former frontman for the seminal brit-pop group, Pulp. Who knew?

From their label, DIRTY:

DISCODEINE is a french duo born in 2007 from the sick minds of Pilooski and Pentile. They have separatedly released some acclaimed records in the last past years (Pentile was involved in Octet and France Copland, Pilooski has remixed LCD Sound System, Mystery Jets and Frankie Valli) before finding a mutual ground around their love for sci fi movies, weird club music and south western french cooking style. Discodeine is signed on french imprint DIRTY, home label of the well known “Dirty edits” (a collaborative project between Pilooski and Dirty Sound System) and some other cool and weird compilations projects. They have already released five acclaimed ep’s as well as some kick ass remixes for Metronomy, Whomadewho, Bot’ox, Photonz, Yelle…

DISCODEINE is about club music and intensity, voodoo, chicago house, futuristic disco, jackin’ techno, analog basslines, ring modulation, krautdisco, mascarpone and chianti.

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TED Talks With Adam Jacobson: How Batteries Work

From TED-Ed:

Batteries are a triumph of science—they allow smartphones and other technologies to exist without anchoring us to an infernal tangle of power cables. Yet even the best batteries will diminish daily, slowly losing capacity until they finally die. Why does this happen, and how do our batteries even store so much charge in the first place? Adam Jacobson gives the basics on batteries.

Lesson by Adam Jacobson, animation by FOX Animation Domination High-Def.