National Geographic’s Photo Of The Day: Return To Nature


From Nat Geo:

Photograph by Jeffrey Gusky, National Geographic

During World War I, the deadlock of trench warfare led both the French and German sides to tunnel beneath enemy positions. Here, the scars of artillery barrages still pockmark the ruins of a fort at Chemin des Dames, France, where some 30,000 French troops died during ten days in April 1917. Underground, French and German forces tried to penetrate each other’s tunnels, sometimes fighting hand to hand in pitch-black passageways

‘Key & Peele’: ‘Stan Lee’s New Heroes’

In this preview skit for the upcoming season of Key & Peele, the comedy duo take a playful jab at an aging Stan Lee. Peele portrays the comic book legend as he comes to the writers of Marvel Comics to pitch his latest superheroes, but they just don’t quite live up to the impeccable reputation he’s attained over the years. Give the video a spin to check out the amazing superpowers of “Where Am I Man”, “Dr. Balance”, “Heyday” and more!

I didn’t really like their show at first, but with every new skit these guys release online, the more I warm up to them.

Key & Peele’s fourth season will hit Comedy Central on September 24th, 2014.

Source: Comedy Central

The SOAO Daily Ditty: Au Revoir Simone – ‘Crazy’

From AllMusic:

The Brooklyn indie pop outfit Au Revoir Simone features Heather D’Angelo (vocals/drum machine/keyboard), Erika Forster (vocals/keyboard), and Annie Hart (vocals/keyboard). Borrowing their name from a minor character in the Tim Burton comedy Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, the Casio-centric group came together in late 2003, when Forster and Hart befriended one another while traveling by train from Vermont to New York…[read more]

TED Talks With Uri Alon: Why Truly Innovative Science Demands A Leap Into The Unknown

From TED Edinburgh, 2013.

From the TED YouTube channel:

While studying for his PhD in physics, Uri Alon thought he was a failure because all his research paths led to dead ends. But, with the help of improv theater, he came to realize that there could be joy in getting lost. A call for scientists to stop thinking of research as a direct line from question to answer, but as something more creative. It’s a message that will resonate, no matter what your field.

NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day: Veins Of Heaven



From NASA:

Explanation: Transfusing sunlight through a still dark sky, this exceptional display of noctilucent clouds was captured earlier this month above the island of Gotland, Sweden. From the edge of space, about 80 kilometers above Earth’s surface, the icy clouds reflect sunlight even though the Sun itself is below the horizon as seen from the ground. Usually spotted at high latitudes in summer months the night shining clouds made a strong showing this July. Also known as polar mesopheric clouds they are understood to form as water vapor driven into the cold upper atmosphere condenses on the fine dust particles supplied by disintegrating meteors or volcanic ash. NASA’s AIM mission provides daily projections of noctilucent clouds as seen from space.

Image Credit & Copyright: P-M Hedén (Clear Skies, TWAN)

Infographic: ‘Iconography Of Ink’ Shows Celebrity Tattoo Connection

The Iconography of Ink: The Tattoo Connection is a very interesting infographic showing what notable people such as Johnny Depp, George Orwell and Thomas Edison have in common. They are connected by simply having a similar ink pattern on their skin.

The infographic breaks down common tattoos into groups such as a skull, hearts, dragon and many others. Another example of a shared connection: how are Colin Farrell, Dennis Rodman, Ringo Starr, Tommy Lee and Anthony Kiedis connected? They all have a fish tattoo. And another interesting connection. Ringo Starr and Tupac are connected by having a cross tattoo.

Do you have any tattoos that you might share with celebrities?

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‘Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou’ Is A Charming Short Film With A Twist


Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou is an animated short created by Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon for their graduate thesis film at Ringling College of Art and Design.

This charming animated short film is about two strangers meeting and they have a hell of an adventure. Jinxy Jenkins doesn’t have the best of luck and wears a helmet to protect himself from constant accidents during the day.

Lucky Lou on the other hand, has the lucky charms on her side. Her days are always perfect, nothing can go wrong, but she’s grown bored of the perfection in her life.

As the two go about their day, they accidentally bump into each other and a little bit of fate happens. Jenkins could use a little of bit of luck in his life and Lou seeks adventure from her flawless life. Their encounter brings together an adventure and experience neither has ever known.

I would suggest watching Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou in fullscreen. The fantastic work that went into the visuals is stunning. The character animation, expression and lighting all are awesome and the fact that it was created by a team of two is impressive.



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My Morning Jacket: Live, Up Close And Personal For MyMusicRx

mymusicrxSo a few days ago I was just kinda bouncing around YouTube, as one does at times when bored. That day I happened to be looking for some new tunes to post for our “Daily Ditty” and came across a great video of Will Oldham talking about different types of uplifting music.

The video was posted by a channel unknown to me called MyMusicRx. I didn’t think much of the name at the time, but they had some great content and what seemed to be exclusive footage of more than a few artists that I love.

I subscribed and forgot about the channel until they posted this video of My Morning Jacket playing live in a rather intimate setting for such a huge band. Intrigued as to how they were getting big names like Will Oldham, MMJ, and even Frank Black from the seminal indie-rock band, The Pixies, I did a little research.

What I found out was awesome. MyMusicRx is a foundation set up by the Children’s Cancer Association to bring music to kids suffering from long-term or serious illnesses. Not only do they get artists to play exclusive shows and send inspiring messages to these children, but they also have an interactive website that offers a few other nice amenities. is the online extension of CCA’s original in-hospital program. On any given day, 24/7, MyMusicRx enables ill kids and teens – anywhere in the U.S. and Canada – to play and download free music games, explore digital instruments, record original music, watch exclusive video greetings from their favorite artists, and connect with other youth.

In this video, MMJ plays a stellar seven-song benefit show for MyMusicRx at McMenamins’ Kennedy School, a family-friendly venue in Portland, OR.


1. “Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You”
2. “I’m Amazed”
3. “Slow Slow Tune”
4. “Look At You”
5. “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)”
6. “The Way That He Sings”
7. “Circuital”

If any of you fine folks would like to donate or even volunteer, you can do so through their website.

Source: MyMusicRx