Life Cycle Of Candy Corn

35 million pounds of candy corn are produced every year, yet no one admits to actually eating and enjoying them. Given the numbers, it’s quite apparent that there are a whole lot of closeted candy corners out there. Well, I will be the first person to say that I absolutely love me some candy corn – always have and always been proud of it. I truly am a great warrior in the battle against those who seek to defame our beloved sweet and further poison its reputation – a candy corner for life!

While we’re on the topic of much-maligned confections, I feel the circus peanut gets some unwarranted hate as well. You know what? I’m even gonna throw those old lady-type hard candies in here as well. The strawberry ones with the gooey center? C’mon, they’re delicious!

Source: Washington Post

How To Make Spooky Halloween Eyes

Got a paper towel or toilet paper roll, a pair of scissors, some duct tape and a few glow-sticks laying around the house? Well, you may not have glow-sticks on hand, but they’re cheap enough and this video shows us how to utilize them to make some creep-eyes for Halloween.

This method is so simple, yet effective that it was one of those “How have I never thought of this?” moments for me after I watched.

Source: DaveHax

The SOAO Daily Ditty: Urinals – ‘Black Hole’

From AllMusic:

Los Angeles punks the Urinals formed in a UCLA dormitory in 1978. The group’s original five-piece lineup consisted of vocalist Delia Frankel, guitarist Steve Willard, bassist John Talley-Jones, organist Kjehl Johansen, and drummer Kevin Barrett, but after making their public debut at a campus talent show, Frankel and Willard exited over creative differences. Johansen switched to guitar, and the remaining trio soldiered on, teaching themselves a sufficient number of rudimentary notes and chords to begin writing original material…[read more]

NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day: AR 2192 – Giant On The Sun


From NASA:

Explanation: As you (safely!) watched the progress of yesterday’s partial solar eclipse, you probably also spotted a giant sunspot group. Captured in this sharp telescopic image from October 22nd the complex AR 2192 is beautiful to see, a sprawling solar active region comparable in size to the diameter of Jupiter. Like other smaller sunspot groups, AR 2192 is now crossing the Earth-facing side of the Sun and appears dark in visible light because it is cooler than the surrounding surface. Still, the energy stored in the region’s twisted magnetic fields is enormous and has already generated powerful explosions, including two X-class solar flares this week. Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) associated with the flares have not affected planet Earth, so far. The forecast for further activity from AR 2192 is still significant though, as it swings across the center of the solar disk and Earth-directed CMEs become possible.

Image Credit & Copyright: Randall Shivak and Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

TED Talks With Victor J. Donnay: Is Our Climate Headed For A Mathematical Tipping Point?

From the TED-Ed YouTube channel:

Scientists have warned that as CO2 levels in the atmosphere rise an increase in Earth’s temperature by even two degrees could lead to catastrophic effects across the world. But how can such a tiny, measurable change in one factor lead to huge, unpredictable changes elsewhere? Victor J. Donnay uses billiards to illustrate tipping points, chaotic motion and their implications on climate change.

Lesson by Victor J. Donnay, animation by Karrot Animation.